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Welcome To The Society Of Afghan Residents In The UK



SAR UK based in West Acton, London aims to provide services to the Afghan and all other refugee communities in the United Kingdom. In particular we seek to provide the community with information and guidance relating to housing, immigration, Welfare, Education, and Legal matters and also social, religious and cultural activities.

We also provide long term training for unemployed refugees, helping them to develop their skills to enable them to find work in the future and to this end we aim to further develop our Women’s Group, details of which are outlined above. With all our employment projects we seek to be able to issue recognised certificates to those who successfully attend the course.

Among our other projects are the further development of our supplementary School (the Mother Tongue School) and the re-establishment of the football team attached to our Youth Club, along with further development of the club’s karate and music sections. We also publish a newsletter. We seek to involve all of our members in all aspects of S.A.R. including its decision – and policy making processes.

We aim to arrange full support of the Afghan and other refugees in this country and make them aware of their fundamental rights with regard to immigration and other matters. We also aim to make the wider community conscious of the circumstances which have led to the Afghan people being driven out of their country and to highlight their status with the U.N. E.E.C. etc. under the Refugees Charter. We provide support for international aid agencies and intervene where appropriate to deal with the growing problems that refugees face. To that refugees face. To that end, we continue to support and to extend solidarity with other refugee organisation.

The Society of Afghan Residents in the UK is a registered charity (charity number: 800460) and is run by unpaid volunteers taking their personal time out to provide the services above.

We appreciate your financial contributions, help to keep the society open by donating generously.

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  1. Najia kher mohammed says:

    I am very interested to come your local community centre because I need some information to provide for me.I would like to see our staffe one day.

  2. Fahim says:

    i am testing this page

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